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Emotional Wellness Through Brain Science

Dr. Cholet Josué uses neuroscience and his American immigrant success story to offer insights for empowered living

Physician and neuroscientist Dr. Cholet Josué (say sho-LAY jo-ZWAY) was born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents. The family moved to Haiti when he was very young, and he lived there for 12 years. After his father’s passing, he was sent to live in Miami, Florida at the age of 16. In America, Cholet went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, a medical degree, and a residency in psychiatry.

Today, Dr. Josué calls upon his American immigrant success story and his study of neuropsychiatry and behavioral neurology to support people in living their best lives.

The Brain's Best Tools for Living a Good Life

Over the course of his journey from Haitian immigrant to neuroscientist, Dr. Josué has discovered the three things he says human beings need to live a good life:

* Financial stability.
* Health.
* A supportive community.

How can people begin to achieve these three essentials? It all starts with accessing the three tools we need to position our brains for success, he asserts.

* Self-compassion.
* Emotional intelligence.
* Critical thinking.

“If any human being can get these three tools into their brain,” Dr. Josué says, “they can get the resources they need to live a good life. My goal is to educate people about their brains, emotions, and behaviors, because that’s what governs our lives.”

Twelve Unending Summers: An American Immigrant Success Story

Dr. Josué shares the heart of what informs his worldview and inspires his neuroscientific research into tools for living one’s best life: his immigrant story. His eye-opening new book is called “Twelve Unending Summers: Memoir of an Immigrant Child.”

Travel with Cholet on his terrifying boat ride from Haiti to Miami, and cheer for him as he makes his way through medical school and the American immigration process.

The tools he used to survive and thrive have become a centerpiece of his work as a physician and neuroscientist today.

“Some of the things I did well were using critical thinking and emotional intelligence,” says Dr. Josué. “And one thing I've always had — though not in a perfect way — is self-compassion. What self-compassion teaches us is not to feel sorry for ourselves. There is a balance in that — to see your flaws and your imperfections and accept them with compassion. Critical thinking, emotional intelligence, self-compassion — those are the things that carry us as human beings.”

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PRESS RELEASE 4/3/19 Physician and Neuroscientist Shares Immigrant Story, Tools for Living a Good Life

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